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Mayli Gibson

Age:  6

Dallas, TX

Years Riding: 2

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Mayli was born with Spina Bifida and is paralyzed from the waist down. The doctors told us all the things she would never do and she has lived every day since then showing us all the things she can do and proving them wrong! She was 18 months old when she got her first set of wheels and she was off.


She had waited so long for her independence from our hip and her stroller she took full advantage it. She loves being active and playing all kinds of sports like WCMX, cheer, dance, baseball, and swimming. She surfed for the first time this year and fell in love with it too. Mayli has always been a girlie girl and use to be very cautious around bumps and ramps so when we had the opportunity to try WCMX with RISE Adaptive Sports I thought it would be something she liked to watch rather than participate in. The first clinic we went to was April 2015 at the WCMX World Championship. Mayli would only go on the smallest ramps and was a little timid to try anything else. I didn't think it was a sport she would enjoy, boy was I wrong. All she talked about that night was hitting the ramps again. The next day we went back to watch the competition. After that we started going to the skate park every other week.


We saw a huge growth in her confidence and independence! She wasn't scared anymore, she would go over big bumps and down big ramps with complete confidence! When she fell She cries a little but gets right back at it, she is the toughest girlie girl I know! She takes on the big ramps and now conquers them with ease! WCMX and her Box Wheelchair have given her the confidence she needs to face obstacles at the skate park and in her every day life and we are forever thankful for that!

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