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Lourdes Mack

Age: 13

Santa Monica, CA

Years Riding: 5


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    Lourdes was born with Spina Bifida, but this fact has certainly not stopped her from pursuing her passions...
    Lourdes has always had a drive for helping others, and she started doing volunteer work at a very young age, working events and gala's for a multitude of foundations and causes in LA. Lourdes loves to be active and is engaged in a wide variety of sports, ranging from WCMX, Wheelchairs Ballroom Dancing, Wheelchair Basketball, Tennis, Track, Horseback Riding, Swimming and Surfing!
    Lourdes also has a passion for the dramatic arts and performs Musical Theater at the Drama Club at Lincoln Middle School, also on YADA! In 2013, she was also crowned Little Miss Wheelchair California! She has also scored acting spots in a few TV shows and commercials over her young career including the show "Private Practice"!
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