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Kohen Walker

Age: 8

Arlington, TX

Years Riding: 2


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We learned about the sport of WCMX by watching Aaron “Wheelz” Fotheringham do some amazing things on YouTube. For Kohen, being born without the ability to use his legs, to see “Wheelz” do a double back flip in a wheelchair was life-changing. Not only his, but our family’s perception on what is possible has changed.

Kohen's first personal experience with the sport was the annual RISE WCMX Event that was held in April 2014, he was ecstatic as he watched all the WCMX athletes tear up the makeshift skate park. Shortly after that, Kohen got the opportunity to try it out himself in June of 2014.


Taking it slow at first, Kohen would just go up and down small ramps until a few months later when Christiaan “Otter” Bailey came to Texas for a visit and convinced him to ditch his wheelie bars aka “wussy bars” and really go for it. Try the wheelies, jump the curbs, fall back a few times and get a feel for controlling the chair; not letting the chair control you. That is when Kohen really fell in love with WCMX.

In May of 2015, Kohen's Box Wheelchair arrived, not only did it look awesome, but it opened the door to his progression.  The chair gave him the ability to do so much more at the skate park and to learn it quickly. Now, he is going down mini-mega ramps, dropping in from 8 feet, hitting grind bars, traversing stairs, catching several feet of air, and a flip is soon on the horizon!

On several occasions, Kohen has said while leaving the skate park, "This is the best day of my life!" You can't ask for more than that. WCMX is an amazing sport with an amazing community, it has already impacted Kohen’s life so much for the better, as it has for many others!"

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