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Joshy Brass

Age: 7

Gold Coast, Australia

Years Riding: 3


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Josh was born with Sacral Agenesis/Caudal Regression Syndrome, he has club foot, no knee caps, dislocated hips, no tailbone and he’s missing a bunch more vertebrae in his back just to name a few.

But you know what?

Josh doesn’t care about any of this he doesn’t look at his disability as a burden but as a blessing.

From day one Josh possessed incredible upper body strength so as parents we just rolled with it. Wheelchair use is his primary source of mobility followed by hand walking and then crutch use.

Josh got his first “real” chair when he was 3. One day while surfing the net we came across Aaron Fotheringham doing his thing at the Skatepark and out of curiosity we asked Josh if he wanted to give it a go.

Sure enough! He did and he enjoyed himself.

Since those first ramps his chair skills have amazed others around him and the confidence he has now is out of this world. Joshua loves to hit the skate park socially but also does the following sports.

Joshua eventually wants to do Triathlons so to build up to this he is working on his swimming skills and endurance.

Not only does he do regular sports Joshua competed in his first Kids Spartan race last year. After that first race Josh was hooked. He bashes through the course in his BOX Wheelchair and then uses his upper body to help navigate over any obstacles.

To help with all of this exercise Joshua goes to Personal Training weekly where he uses other muscles that will help him in later life.

He is also actively involved in Australia trying to promote the sport of WCMX, connecting with other kids, working with Juiced TV (a hospital TV show) and is now the youngest ambassador for an organization called ICANIWILL . The organization goes around schools and brings up the topic of bullying especially towards those with Special Needs.

The Challenged Athletes Foundation have been amazing support by helping Josh get over to the U.S  travel grants. These trips have opened our eyes up to a world of possibilities.

When Josh was born there were a lot of CAN’TS now 7 years on his world is full of  I CAN.

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