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Emma Mondragon

Age: 8

Los Angeles, CA

Years Riding: 2


Emma Mondragon is one little firecracker! When she was born with Spina Bifida 8 years ago we had no idea what to expect. To tell the truth when I look at her and watch her grow and blossom more each day, I still have absolutely no idea what to expect. One thing her Dad and I know is that she is only limited by her own will, by her own creativity, and by her own spirit, you could say she is limitless.


Emma began as one cute little spark. She would leave memorable moments (sparks) everywhere she rolled. Emma had her first wheelchair experience at 10 months old in  an old hand-me-down tank. Receiving her first wheels at 14 months old, she was completely independent by 18 months old. There has always been something extra special in Emma, she was always driven to do more. She climbed with her peers at McDonald’s play land when she was 2. Mastered bounce house playrooms by 3, and stairs were (and still are) fun. She is not one to sit on the sidelines and watch everyone else play, and play is her favorite activity.


As Emma has grown, her spark became a flame. This flame is present in everything she does, and occasionally it burns so hot and brightly that it bursts into a firework. Not only does she work hard daily to master her daily living skills, she is an excellent athlete. She is just a kid after all, full of energy and movement. Emma absolutely loves sports. She loves everything about sports; the people, her teammates, the audience, the challenge, and the sport, it’s pure fun for her.


Emma experienced sports when she was 4. Wheelchair Tennis was her first sport and for a 4 year old she rocked, until, you know “squirrel”. After that, she tried more and more sports: (just add wheelchair) Tennis, baseball, basketball, racing, swimming, rugby, sled hockey, snow skiing, dancing, karate, theater, surfing, WCMX, and more. Although she loves them all her favorite’s are Dancing, Karate, Hockey, Snow Skiing and WCMX. Emma loves WCMX, she loves the speed of the ramp, she loves the confidence of accomplishing a new skill. She loves the fact that she ditched her tippers about a year ago to master bigger wheelies and curb jumps. She tries new moves and gains courage with every accomplishment.


 These combinations of moments and circumstances created the beginning of a bright and unpredictable new future for Emma.  Every new friend, every new experience, challenge, and accomplishment push her to further greatness.


Wow! What an amazing gift a family of WCMX’ers  has been to our family. We are better because of this sport, because of a Box Wheelchair’s, and most of all because of a new passion shared with a new family.  Cheers to whatever happens next!

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