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Delmace Mayo

Age: 9

Boston, MA

Years Riding: 2


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Delmace was born in Port au Prince, Haiti. He was adopted and moved to the US when he was 3 ½. He is a very active and outgoing kid, who has never let his physical challenges (spinal cord injury, at birth) keep him on the sidelines.


He hates being told he can't do stuff, and will usually figure out a way to prove people wrong. Delmace loves WCMX, and hanging out at the skate park! He first got interested in the sport, after seeing some videos of Aaron on Youtube. For his eighth birthday, he traveled to TX to watch the WCMX Championships, and was thrilled when a bunch of the Team Box guys surprised him with a birthday cake at his hotel room!.


He hopes to someday be as good at WCMX as them. Delmace is also involved in a number of other sports. Sled hockey, wheelchair basketball, and wheelchair track racing are his other favorites. At school, he is a champion hand-walker, monkey bar swinger, and breakdancer. He also plays violin in his school orchestra.

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