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Brooklyn Gibson

Age:  7

Dallas, TX

Years Riding: 2

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Brooklyn got started with her first set of wheels when she was about a year old.  There was no turning back now. She is very independent and wants to experience life in her own way. When she started WCMX she fell in love.


She has never had a sense of fear so the sport is great for her. She loves shredding and hitting the ramps like the pros. She always talks about how she wants to be like the “Big Riders” when she gets older. You will find her shredding up any skate park, off any curbs, or hitting any ramp in sight in my WCMX Box Wheelchair.


Her chair has brought out a new Independence for Brooklyn. She has never been happier giving us heart attacks hitting the ramps. She is a very determined and very independent and loves to try new things. Although, she is a little shy she’s a little dare-devil when it comes to showing the world how independent and carefree anyone can be in their chair. 


She was the youngest baseball player for the Miracle League in the nation. She has been on the Angels Minor team now for 10 seasons. While playing baseball she became involved in other sports around town. She is a dedicated member of the Texas Cutez Special Needs Cheerleading Squad, a member of a wheelchair dance team for Special Needs Called Ayita. My involvement in sports has helped give me confidence as well as spread awareness to others that just because I am different doesn’t mean I can’t do what others do.

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